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Due to the Data Protection Act I am unable to display full information on living people and this information is withheld from the web site. Please e-mail me with your specific queries on living people and I will answer them.

The database also includes people I have found in my studies who have a slight variant of the name Muddock. Some are related (Muttock for example) but most are not. These names include Maddock, Maddocks, Maddox, Mattock, Muddick, Muddicks, Muddocks, Muddox, Muddic, etc.

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The following shows people related to me and my ancestors through the Muddock name as far back as William Muddock and Mary Muddock born circa 1715.

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Please e-mail me with any errors that you find within my Muddock Family History research.


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