Muddock Ancestry -
Is this possibly the earliest Scottish Muddock? 
Its from The Domestic Annals of Scotland, Reign of Charles II, 1673 - 1685 Part B by Robert Chalmers. I suspect that it is no more than a rumor or miss spelling but if anyone knows of any truth in the story then please  
1675 September - The Macleans having failed in their agreement with the Earl of Argyle, and set his claims at nought, his lordship now prepared a second expedition against Mull, and this time he added to his own forces some regular soldiers and militia. The Macleans, on the other hand, had obtained assistance to a considerable amount from Macdonnell of Glengarry, Cameron of Locheil, and Maclean of Lochbuy. There were probably not less than fifteen hundred armed Highlanders on each side.

The Campbells, proceeding in a great fleet of ships and birlins, under the command of the Earl's brother, Lord Niel, encountered a severe storm on the 21st and 22nd of September, by which they were damaged and driven back, though fortunately no lives were lost. This storm was so great that..."great oaks were blown up by the roots, old trees of two hundred years standing broken in the midst, and the corns were so shaken, that the people got little more than straw to cut down. A rumor went that there was a witch wife, named Muddock, had promised to the Macleans that, so long as she lived, the Earl of Argyle should not enter Mull, and indeed many of the people imputed the rise of the great storm unto her paction with the devil." The Earl of Argyle was so far baffled by this storm, that he had to give up for the meantime the design of vindicating his rights by force.

Shaun Muddock
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