County of: York
Division of: Toronto
Surname of Deceased: Maddock
Full given name: Emmanuel
Place of Death: Ontario Hospital
Sex: Male
Origin; English descent
Single, Married, Widowed: Single,
Age: 88 years
Born: Devon, England
Date of Birth: Jan [or July]
Occupation: Carpenter
At Place of Death: ??? years
In Ontario: ??? years
In Canada: -
Name of father: Maddock
Born: England
Maiden Name of Mother: -
Born: -
Name of Physician: -
Name of Informant: Samuel E Todd
Address: 1861 [or 1061] King Street [West Toronto]
Relationship to Decesased: Uncle
Place of Burial: Prospect Cemetery
Date of Burial: 30 December 1924
Name of Undertaker: Bates & Doggs
Address: 921 Queen Street West
Cause of Death: -
Date of Death: 29 December 1924
Name: Maddock Emmanuel
Date of Death: 29 December 1924
Dates from which medical attended: 8 December 1924 to 28 December 1924
Cause of Death: Senility
Name of Physician: D Fletcher
Address: 999 Queen Street [999 Queen Street was a mental hospital at the west end of Toronto called Parkdale]