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Currently in my Muddock line there are only my direct relatives still with the Muddock name as descendants of William and Mary Muddock. There should be some more people with the name Muddock in the population but due to illiteracy in the 1800's within the Suffolk area it was changed to Muttock. Male are shown in blue, female are shown in pink.

However I have found another line where there are some Muddock's still living, but have not managed to tie them into my line just yet. If indeed they are reading this please contact me.

Related to me (4 people) Not yet related to me (9 people)
Born as a Muddock Born as a Muddock
Barry James Muddock, Shaun David Muddock

*** Muddock, Royston John Muddock, *** Muddock

Maldwyn William Muddock, Kevin Peter Muddock

Born as a Muddock but now married out Born as a Muddock but now married out
Nichola Jane Muddock Susan Anne Muddock
Married into a Muddock Married into a Muddock
Linda Jane Muddock *** Muddock, Edna Constance Rose Muddock, Annita Muddock

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