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This is the DNA company that I belong to for DNA testing for the name Muddock and other variants www.familytreedna.com.

How can you help with the project
If you are a male with the surname Muddock or one of the several variations, you can help by joining the project, taking the test and sharing your information with the group.

If you are a female with the (maiden) surname Muddock or one of the several variations, you can help by promoting the project to your father, a brother or a male cousin.

Why only males?
The DNA testing is performed on the Y-Chromosome and only males carry the Y-Chromosome. The chromosome is passed from father to son only. A chart that might help explain this can be found at www.ftdna.com/tc.html.

What are the goals of the project

The Primary Goal of this project is to link together branches of the family that cannot be linked otherwise due to lack of documented records.

A secondary goal of this project is to determine the number of unique Muddock lines that exist. Do all branches descend from a common Muddock ancestor or were there several founding fathers?

Where can you find more information?
Family Tree DNA has a great FAQ section at www.ftdna.com/faq.

How do you join the project?
If you order your kit from Family Tree DNA for the name Muddock you will receive a group discount rate. The project page is here through Family Tree DNA.

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