Muddock Ancestry -

This web site shows my research into Muddock Family History and my Muddock Family Tree.  The name Muddock is not very common so if your surname is Muddock then you are probably related! My interest in Muddock Family History and Muddock Geneology casually started in 2003, never the less I have amassed a great deal of information on anyone called Muddock and some slight variants.

There is a famous author relation named James Edward Preston Muddock, who is a distant relation of mine (1st cousin 4 times removed). He also went under the name Dick Donovan and as a female author called Joyce Emerson Muddock. There is a Dick Donovan web site dedicated to him. James Edward preston Muddock was also a proud found member of The Savage Club.

I am compiling a One Name Study for the name Muddock and I am a member of the Guild of One Name Studies and the Society of Geneologists.

There are some alternative spellings of Muddock that I have come across, the main ones are Maddock, Maddocks, Muddocks, Muddox and Muttock.

Frank Horace Farnham (my biological grandparent), has written a book on the name Farnham within England.  "Farnham Families in England" by "Antoinette Farnham Stepanek and Frank Horace Farnham" is availabel from Heritage Books.

It would be appreciated if you could email me with any information you have on any Muddock.

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Shaun Muddock
Updated 14.10.2020